Thermoformed FOD Protection | Universal Plastics

Jet and turbine engines are among the most powerful and precise pieces of machinery ever made. They can be delicate, and require protection during assembly, servicing, and when not in use.

When it comes to jet engine inlet, exhaust, and APU covers it’s imperative to provide maximum moisture protection in order to avoid corrosion, which can lead to performance deterioration and asset depreciation. Moreover, sand, debris, foreign objects, and even birds can nest in the engines and cause expensive damage.

Our Expertise:

Universal Plastics has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of thermoformed FOD (foreign object damage) protection for the aviation and turbine engine industries. A protective aircraft engine cover or customized protection system designed for your application can help prevent damage to sensitive components.

Universal Plastics will custom manufacture aircraft engine covers to your exact specifications. Through our design and engineering expertise and deep experience in manufacturing aerospace products, we will design a product which will protect your valuable machinery and prevent costly damage.


  • Aircraft engine covers
  • Flexible dust covers (also known as shower caps)
  • Blade and vane protective trays
  • Blade and vane protective liners
  • Blade and vane shipping containers
  • Delicate instrument storage containers
  • Chemical wash containers
  • Custom solutions available for any precision engine

Universal Plastics would be glad to assist you in discussing a custom designed plastic FOD damage prevention solution for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.