Thermoforming Capabilities | Universal Plastics

Universal Plastics’ wide spectrum of capabilities includes heavy gauge forming from sixty thousands thick to an inch and a half thick, and to a draw depth of up to 30 inches.

Our equipment allows for all types of vacuum forming and pressure forming, including twin-sheet forming, for part sizes 48″ X 84″, or 7′ X 9′.

For volume production needs, we offer both 3-station and a new 4-station, twin sheet capable rotary pressure former, which can form parts up to 7′ long.

Most parts require repeatable trimming. We employ Thermwood and RPT full 5 axis routing machines with a precision of plus or minus .010.

Universal Plastics is also well known for our capabilities in secondary operations, offering assembly, painting, shielding, and unit packing to meet the most demanding requirements. Many of our customers rely on us to assemble, pack, inspect, and ship their products direct to the end-user without ever seeing it themselves.

We work with all thermoplastic materials, including ABS, FR ABS, PVC, HIPS, PETG, polycarbonate, acrylic, and consider ourselves specialists in forming HDPE.

As the preeminent thermoformer in the Northeastern United States, we deliver consistently high quality products through our investment in top-notch capabilities and our talented team of industry experts.

Shown above is an image of an operator setting up our Thermwood 5 axis routing machine.

For additional detail on our facilities, please contact us.