Common Uses of Thermoforming | Universal Plastics

Custom thermoforming is widely used in virtually every industry where a custom plastic product is desired, but the part size is larger and the volumes lower.  Rapid prototyping and lower cost tooling are advantages over other fabrication processes that can make custom thermoforming the right solution for your project.

Heavy gauge thermoforming is used for a variety of applications including radomes, housings, dunnage trays and panels.

Common uses include machine housings, bezels, and enclosures, which gain style and user appeal with thermoformed plastics. Custom material handling trays can be designed specifically to your requirements with a much lower tooling investment. Outdoor enclosures and equipment covers can exhibit a contemporary style that defines your brand and sets you apart from traditional boxy sheet metal covers. With weatherable properties added in, you can feel confident in the durability of thermoformed products, which won’t fade, rust, or crack under stress. Even scientific equipment can be made more stylish and distinctive with thermoformed plastics, giving you a critical edge over your competitors.


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