Universal Plastics has over 45 years of expertise in manufacturing custom food clamshell packaging for a variety of consumer food products.

Our highly-skilled team of engineers has over 100 years of combined experience and will partner with you to design custom clamshell packaging for your food product to your exact specifications with your molded logos or other customized brand attributes.

Our custom food clamshell packaging will provide the following benefits:

  • Visually appealing merchandising to entice the customer, allow quick product identification and build your brand awareness
  • Maintains integrity and freshness of the food product during shipment, storage and display
  • Eliminates tampering and pilferage risk while maintaining ease of use
  • Easy to use – no special equipment required for packing and sealing your product in the clamshell packaging
  • Focused on sustainability – we can make your packaging out of 100% recyclable material

All of Universal Plastics’ products are subject to our rigorous quality and inspection standards and ISO9001:2008 certification. Universal Plastics uses only FDA approved materials and your custom food clamshell packaging is tested for ease of use, clarity and hinge integrity.

We use the highest quality plastic materials best suited to food and consumer products including but not limited to:

  • Cold temperature OPS: designed to withstand prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures
  • Recycled PET: cleaned and transformed to be re-used, fully FDA approved for food packaging applications
  • PETG: exceptional impact properties
  • Other materials available upon request

Universal Plastics will partner with you to help maintain a low unit cost, quick turnaround, and also provides several post-manufacturing secondary services such as supplier-managed inventory.

Universal Plastics has over 45 years in the custom thermoforming business and we will put our engineering know-how, award-winning design and unparalleled customer service to manufacture custom clamshell packaging for your food product to meet your every need.

To learn about other types of custom packaging manufactured by Universal Plastics, visit our Thermoformed Packaging page.

To contact us, call 1 800-553-0120 or visit our Contact Us page for more info.