Universal Plastics offers custom retail clamshell packaging solutions which will enhance the presentation of your product. The simplicity and clarity our custom retail clamshell packaging solution will ensure that your product and its’ unique attributes take center stage. The additional space provided by the packaging we design will allow you to effectively communication information and help you to ‘sell’ your product. The flexibility we offer will allow you to decide how best to display your product – hanging from a shelf with a single hinge, or multi-hinged to accommodate a variety of complex display options, or simply stacked to easily be picked up by the consumer.

Universal Plastics will work with you to ensure that your product is protected in our custom retail clamshell packaging from right from when it is manufactured in our factory, to when it is transported to the retail location and then displayed in the store for the consumer. Our custom retail clamshell packaging will also protect you against tampering and pilferage.

In keeping with our stringent quality standards, Universal Plastics is ISO9001:2008 certified and will ensure that your custom retail clamshell packaging is inspected and tested to meet your every need.

Universal Plastics has experience working with a variety of materials, including PC, PVC, HIPS, PP, and PETG and various specialty materials including those which can be 100% recycled. For a list of materials available,  visit our page on Materials Used.

Call us today at 1 800-553-0120 or visit our Contact Us page for more info. Universal Plastics is eager to put our 45+ years of thermoforming expertise, engineering and design talent and manufacturing experience to work for you.