Universal Plastics has a long history of working with customers to tailor the right thermoformed packaging solution. Working at each step, our in-house experts add value from the design stage, into tooling, and through production to provide you with the perfect custom thermoformed packaging application for your needs.

Universal Plastics offers several unique service differentiators, including award-winning design expertise, quick turnaround, sound inventory management, creative material insights, and various innovations, developed from a history of manufacturing thermoformed packaging products.

Universal Plastics is ISO9001:2008 certified and manufactures custom thermoformed packaging solutions of the highest quality, with industry-leading inspection and testing procedures. For a copy of our certificate, please view our ISO Certificate.

Thermoformed Packaging Applications:

Thermoformed packaging solutions often involve building tailored variations of custom clamshell packaging, material handling & shipping trays, and display packaging.

Each application requires an understanding of the key value factors. Based on the product’s specific needs, for some projects, it comes down to materials and clarity, whereas with others the focus is on design innovation or ease of use to differentiate and offer a superior product.

Universal Plastics’ expertise in thermoformed packaging ranges across a variety of industries, including but not limited to food, retail and medical packaging. Packaging solutions are dependent on the end usage though certain industries prefer specific solutions based on established principles and what has been proven to work. This is where Universal Plastics can help guide customers towards solutions with demonstrable success.

Typical Thermoformed Packaging Applications (manual/automated package assembly available):

  • Clamshell Packaging: for various industries including medical, food and retail. For more information on clamshell packaging, visit Custom Clamshell Packaging.
  • Retail Tri-Fold Packaging: offers multiple display options i.e. the ability for the product packaging to stand up on its own or be hung on a rack.
  • Blister Packs: includes a thermoformed cavity for the product and backing or lidding for protection and display.
  • Plastic Trays: for a variety of end uses including pick and place trays for transporting materials during the manufacturing process, drip trays for offering protection, reducing spillage of dangerous materials and avoiding contamination, shipping trays to protect parts & products during transit, material handling trays & covers for keeping materials intact throughout the production and go-to-market life cycle. For more information our page on Plastic Trays.
  • Corrugated Packaging: It is low-cost, re-usable, and water & chemically resistant. Benefits include strong impact resistance and low weight, therefore a good solution for damage prevention or spillage. Based on the material chosen, a wide variety of properties include flame retardant, ability to withstand harsh chemicals and weather conditions, etc.
  • Point of Purchase Displays: designed to exhibit a product on a counter, shelf or as a stand-alone and can be customized based on color, material and style based on your specific needs.
  • Packaging Inserts: customized to hold one or multiple products within a box or a carton, provides protection and can be branded with your logo or designed for easy removal and handling.
  • A variety of custom designed boxes & containers for specific end uses such as sterilization trays, gauge boxes, part protection containers, etc. For more information, take a look at our Product Gallery.

Thermoformed Packaging Capabilities:

Quality is an important tenet at Universal Plastics and is integral to each step of the process as we partner with you to manufacture a thermoformed packaging solution to meet your specific needs.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures a consistency of process and quality at the highest level. Universal Plastics’ customers can depend on the quality of their custom thermoformed packaging solutions, which allows them to focus on building their business.

Universal Plastics sources the highest quality materials from our extensive network of leading suppliers within the industry. There are also specialty materials available such as fire resistant, graffiti resistant, and uniquely finished/patterned plastics for any application. Products are compatible with standard sealing equipment & processes in the food, medical, retail, and other industries.

In-house tooling experts work in conjunction with the design team to build custom tooling to ensure product quality. The tooling expertise consists of a five person team with over one hundred years of combined experience and trained in a multitude of material and design types.

Custom Retail Packaging:

Well-developed custom retail packaging helps prominently showcase your product in the best light possible with the ability to personalize the display and message. Proper packaging is also essential to protect against damage and theft. Universal Plastics has the experience and knowledge necessary to work with a partner in developing the right custom retail packaging solution, including clamshells, plastic boxes, containers, and specialty packaging applications paired with custom designs. For more information, take a look at Custom Retail Packaging.

Custom Food Packaging:

A quality custom food packaging solution is visually appealing, maintains freshness, is easy to use & seal, and protects during shipping and transport. Universal Plastics has over 45 years of experience developing packaging for consumer food products and can put that experience to use by partnering with you to develop the right custom food packaging solution to fit your needs. Cookies, chips, and biscuits are treats Universal Plastics has packaged in the past. Products can be finished in a multitude of materials with a smooth or flocked finish – providing the right results for each design. For more information, take a look at Custom Food Packaging.

Custom Medical Packaging:

Custom medical packaging manufactured by Universal Plastics ranges from clamshells designed to protect patient belongings, to first aid kits, and trays & covers for a range of instruments. Quality is a key point of focus and our ISO9001:2008 certification extends across our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which boast over 100,000 square feet and house multiple in-line forming machines. For more information, take a look at Custom Medical Packaging.

For more information on how we can meet your custom thermoformed packaging needs, contact us.