Custom Plastic Medical Packaging

Universal Plastics is ISO 9001 Registered and ANAB Accredited and we are proudly committed to manufacturing custom medical  packaging  and clamshells of the highest quality standards. We will partner with you at the very outset, from the product concept stage, to help design custom medical clamshell packaging which protects & maintains the integrity of your product, displays it effectively for customer use and keeps your unit costs low. For more information, take a look at Medical Clamshell Packaging.

Universal Plastics capabilities and expertise in the medical industry extends from medical clamshell packaging and medical trays to medical device manufacturing. Our medical clamshell packaging is used by pharmaceutical companies and OEMs nationwide and is manufactured using the highest quality and inspection standards to ensure cleanliness, structural integrity, and ease of use.

Medical clamshell packaging manufactured by Universal Plastics ranges from patient belongings clamshells to first aid kits and instrument trays & covers.

Universal Plastics is proud to have relationships with several major OEMs within the medical products industry. Our custom shipping trays protect expensive electronic, medical, or precision machined components. Drip trays offer solutions to protect against caustic chemicals & corrosion to expensive equipment. Universal Plastics also manufactures stackable & nestable trays with additional ESD protection for sensitive electronic components. The materials we use include medical grade PETG, PET, and HIPS. Universal Plastics is ISO 9001 Registered and ANAB Accredited. For more information, take a look at Plastic Trays.