Our custom plastic retail clamshell packaging solutions are designed to maximize your product’s visual appeal on the shelf, protect against pilferage and damage, and allow you to effectively personalize your product display and messaging. Universal Plastics’ years of experience with custom retail clamshell packaging has taught us to understand the importance of functional, eye-catching packaging and we will partner with you to create the optimum custom retail clamshell packaging for your needs.

Custom Clamshell Packaging Advantages:

  • Provides a clear and protected view of your products
  • Custom design allows you to showcase your product’s unique attributes effectively
  • Offers the ability to optimally position your product and messaging
  • Can be tamper-proof, reducing pilferage
  • Allows flexibility for your product to be stand-alone or hung
  • Can be used with either manual or automated package assembly

For more information, take a look at Retail Clamshell Packaging.

Plastic Trays & Displays

Plastic trays and displays have applicability within the retail industry for a variety of end uses including trays for packaging and display of the product at the store, pick and place trays for transporting products during the manufacturing process, drip trays for offering protection, reducing spillage and avoiding contamination, and shipping trays to protect retail products during transit. For more information, take a look at Plastic Trays.

Point of purchase displays are designed to exhibit a product on a counter, shelf or as a stand-alone and can be customized based on color, material and style based on your specific needs.

Packaging inserts are customized to hold one or multiple products within a box or a carton, provide protection and can be branded with your logo or designed for easy removal and handling.

For more information on how we can partner with you to create your custom retail packaging product, contact us.