Thermoformed Tooling for Lower Costs and Rapid Prototyping – Composite and Cast/Machine Aluminum Tooling Thermoformed tooling can be built from wood, composite, cast aluminum, or machined aluminum billet. Temporary molds are commonly built of wood or composites, which can be easily machined.

Permanent tools are either machined or cast aluminum, depending on the depth of the tool. Thermoforming tools can be modified easily, so changes can be made quickly and for much less money than the hardened steel tooling typical of molded parts. For this reason alone, thermoforming is often the better process if your design hasn’t been solidified.

We believe quality parts are a direct result of quality tools, and we take our greatest pride in making quality machined or cast aluminum tools that deliver consistent quality products year after year. Our customers have come to know us as a company that can build quality tools that get the job done right the first time.
With Universl Plastics, you will never have to pay for tooling twice.

Our 5 full time toolmakers have a combined 100 years’ experience in tool and fixture making and we build many of our tools in-house. Production tools can typically be delivered in 6-7 weeks. Prototype tools, made of wood or composite materials, can be delivered in 4 weeks or less.

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