Universal Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom plastic radomes. We can manufacture radomes in sizes up to 7′ x 9′ x 36″ deep in materials including UV grade ABS, Korad capped ABS, TPO and many others. A radome (a combination of radar and dome) is a structural, weatherproof enclosure that protects a microwave or radar antenna. The radome is constructed of material that minimally attenuates the electromagnetic signal transmitted or received by the antenna. The radome is therefore transparent to radar or radio waves and serves to protect the antenna surfaces from the environment and conceal antenna electronic equipment from public view. They could also protect nearby personnel from being accidentally struck by rotating antennas. Radomes can be constructed in several shapes (spherical, geodesic, planar, etc.) depending upon the particular application using various construction materials. When used on UAVs or other aircraft, in addition to such protection, the radome also streamlines the antenna system, reducing drag & wind resistance. To discuss how Universal Plastics can meet your custom plastic radome needs, please contact us.


Universal Plastics has manufactured custom plastic radome applications in many industries, including:

  • Marine
  • Military
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Receational vehicle
  • Plus many more

With a variety of materials available, we can find a solution for your application; for more information on thermoplastic materials, click here.

Why Thermoforming for Custom Plastic Radomes?

A radome can be constructed in a variety of shapes including planar, spherical and even geodesic. In all cases, however, the intent is to use the essential sturdiness and durability of the radome to protect the more sensitive radar antenna. Protecting delicate antennae that receive radio waves from the ravages of Mother Nature and other mechanical harm is most often accomplished through the use of a radome. The word “radome” itself is a combination of “radar” and “dome” and describes the functionality of the device. Radomes are constructed of suitable plastics that are essentially transparent to radio signals. In other words, the materials used to construct the radome have no significant effect on either the amplitude or frequency of the incoming signal. This fact is extremely important when using the radio waves to establish such things as distance, speed and location. Radomes protect against the buildup of snow and ice which can detune an antenna and cause overloads. Secondly, a radome keeps the internal antenna within an acceptable temperature range and shields the antenna from wind deformation: both of which create significant computational issues. Lastly, the plastics used in a radome are impact-resistant and will keep flying debris from damaging the antenna.

From a safety standpoint, radomes will also protect the personnel assigned to the facility. Many antennas are designed to rotate and high velocity and create a danger zone within their operating radius. A radome is obviously built to encapsulate this zone and thus eliminate any danger from being hit by the moving antenna. Radomes are used by military and by the aerospace, marine, and the recreational vehicle industries.

Thermoformed Plastic Radomes Expertise at Universal Plastics:

Universal Plastics has a long history of expertise in manufacturing thermoformed plastic radomes. Whether you need a custom plastic radome in low volume or high volume, contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Universal Plastics is the largest precision heavy gauge custom thermoformer in the Northeastern US with an asset base of 22 pressure formers, 14 vacuum formers and 26 5-axis trimming machines, supplying our customers with vacuum forming, pressure forming, including twin sheet forming and complex assemblies, with part sizes up to 12’ x 9’. In addition, we offer in-house tooling, an experienced engineering staff, and a full complement of secondary/finishing services, including our new state of the art paint booths which can produce automotive quality finishes. With a range of rotary formers, rapid manufacturing processes, and a global supply chain, we can produce thermoformed parts at the most competitive prices.

In addition to custom thermoforming, Universal Plastics also offers injection molding (including gas assist and structural foam molding) and custom blow molding. We would be glad to talk with you about the optimal process for your needs.