Universal Plastics has been a recognized leader in custom thermoforming for over 50 years.

Custom Thermoforming

Pressure Formed Light Diffuser
Learn how a customer saved money on their project by pressure forming their complex shaped light diffuser.

Pressure Formed Door
A multi-national technology company turned to us when they needed a large, one-piece door for a cabinet.

Pressure Formed HDPE Enclosure
Universal employed precision pressure forming to meet all of the customers exacting requirements.

Pressure Formed HDPE Housings
Within a tight budget and compressed time-frame, our large OEM customer needed this detailed housing.

Pressure Formed Dental Enclosure
A manufacturer of dental products needed a custom dental housing with a clean, professional look.

Thermoform Tub
This customer came to us with a fiberglass part and wanted us to upgrade it with thermoforming.

Thermoformed Alpine Sled
When it came time for our customer to upgrade their sled chassis, they turned to Universal Plastics for assistance.

Thermoformed Sled
Our engineering team partnered with the client to develop this highly maneuverable thermoformed sled.

Vaccuum Formed Outdoor Housing
A group of scientists needed help with a new discovery of mosquito population control into a commercial product.

Thermoformed Enclosure
We were approached by the customer to produce a test chamber from ½” Lexan Polycarbonate.

Thermoformed Signage
Our design was such a success that the city converted all of their boroughs to our new thermoformed signage.

Retail Design Display
A leading design firm was tasked with creating an attractive and durable display and turned to Universal Plastics.

Thermoformed Game Product
Using a custom, green-textured HIPS, we created a natural looking landscaped golf game at an affordable price.

Thermoformed Book Holders
Universal Plastics is now offering book holders for direct sale, which can be mounted on truck or vehicle dashboards.