Introduction to Project:

Universal Plastics offers custom blow molding services and is known for manufacturing several different types of bottles. When a local company was looking for a new supplier for their spray bottle, they found us. Being that they are right down the road made the project a success for them. It was important they had close communications and buy-in on the design changes.

Universal Plastics’ Blow Molding Expertise:

The issue we had molding their part was the pressure spraying tank was expanding when pressure was built up inside. Our production team worked with the end user to determine the type of material they wanted to use was not strong enough with current design. They have since changed the design to accommodate the original type of material.

Our in-house tool shop proved to be cost effective and efficient at modifying solutions to their mold. With all the design changes made throughout the project, the convenience of the tool shop helped deliver on-time delivery of their parts. We changed dimensions and had to “de-bug” the mold because they needed more strength in the final part.

End User Application:

The final result is a plastics spray bottle that provides a simpler, more efficient way to spray pesticides at home, around office buildings and outside.