Introduction to Customer:

Universal Plastics is known for the ability to mold and assemble large, complex parts well. It’s no wonder why a large company came to us for the assembly of their large spill kit caddy. This assembly is a wheeled mobile cart featuring swing-out front doors for easy access to spill kits.

Blow Molding Expertise:

What made this project successful was the communication between our knowledgeable engineering team and their designers. Together, we were able to redesign their part to enhance its functionality before going into production. They wanted a part that was lightweight, made from polypropylene and sturdy.

Even after being in production, our team was easily able to change dimensions, hinges and the mold itself. A great benefit to working with Universal Plastics on this project is the in-house tool shop. All these changes were completed in our facility, which cuts cost down and saves time.

Part Applications:

This cart is now ideal for maintenance crews, as well as labs or other areas prone to small spills. The 8″ wheels roll easily over uneven surfaces and are assembled to last. We are proud of this project because we have the capabilities to succeed with it.