The Customer’s Challenge:

Contoured, clean lines were a must in this medical device application, with sturdy, non-warping face panel. Clean multi-color decoration was also a requirement. Critical requirements were:

  • Highly contoured and cosmetically attractive covers for high end medical equipment
  • Greater stiffness and structural rigidity
  • Consistent coloration and finish
  • Cost reduction; higher production capacity and repeatability

Universal Plastics’ Solution:

Universal Plastics produced a robust and smooth front panel, for easy cleaning with disinfectants. Brand integrity was maintained with a permanent, pad printed, decorative logo.

  • Strengthening ribs added for stiffness
  • Bosses molded in rather than added later with adhesive
  • Elimination of warp; consistency of surface finish
  • Attractive pad printing of logo on lower bezel housing

Why Injection Molding?

As a leader in gas assist injection molding for large parts. Universal Plastics provided:

  • Superior surface finish; consistent textures
  • High stiffness and structural stability with lower weight
  • Elimination of warp
  • Ease of cleaning