Universal Plastics has been a recognized leader in custom thermoforming for over 50 years.

Our focus on medical parts has grown our business, as we thermoform equipment covers, sidewalls, panels, trays, bezels and more.

Aircraft Interiors
Universal Plastics has a strong resume in manufacturing aircraft interior seating components such as seat backs, tray tables, arm rests, footwell trays, etc.

Plastic Trays & Cases
Universal Plastics specializes in manufacturing a wide range of custom thermoformed plastic trays & cases for a variety of applications.

Enclosures & Radomes
Our electronic parts and radomes are used in industries including marine, military, aerospace, telecommunications, electronics and more.

Transport, Signage & Displays
Our transportation, signage and display parts include taxi cab signs, street signs, book holders, trays and more.

Pressure Forming
Our pressure forming parts range from medium to large sizes and include bezels, housings, covers, equipment panels, and more.

Vacuum Forming
Our vacuum forming parts are typically large, single parts, which include doors, hatches, covers, moving parts, panels and more.

Twin Sheet Forming
Our twin sheet parts are cost effective and have stronger structures for large doors, panels, shrouds, pallets, cases and more.