The Customer’s Challenge:

Birthing tubs promise a quicker and naturally less painful delivery, and are offered at the most advanced and forward thinking pediatric hospitals across the country. Our client wanted a product which could meet this important consumer need. The customer came to us with an inferior fiberglass part and wanted us to upgrade it with thermoforming.

Universal Plastics’ Solution:

Our award winning thermoformed design was created by Universal Plastics in collaboration with our customer. In addition to creating a spectacular visual design, we helped create the inner working, plumbing, and do all of the assembly, testing and certification here in our factory. The fact that the customer doesn’t see the product until it reaches the destination hospital is testament to the complete trust and satisfaction our customer has in our work and in the superior product we developed.

The End Result:

Our focus on providing the highest quality custom manufacturing service enables our customer to focus his time and resources on marketing and growing his business, not manufacturing.