The Customer’s Challenge:

This old unattractive part was too square, too heavy and too complex. Critical requirements were:

  • Greater visual appeal; less “boxy” appearance
  • Lower weight

Universal Plastics’ Solution:

Universal Plastics proposed and manufactured a seamless, smooth surface. The final result offered less weight, fewer components, and improved stiffness for durability.

  • Assembly reduction consolidation of two parts into one
  • Addition of molded in ribs for structural stability and rigidity
  • Texturizing of the mold and mist coat painting to efficiently impart proper surface finish
  • Inclusion of a painting groove in the mold to accurately mask for a two toned painting operation

Why Injection Molding?

As a leader in gas assist injection molding for large parts. Universal Plastics provided:

  • Part consolidation/reduction
  • Highly attractive surface finish
  • Lower weight; greater stiffness