The Customer’s Challenge:

Universal Plastics was charged with the task of manufacturing this complex design for a high profile piece of analytical equipment. Critical requirements were:

  • Cosmetically pleasing surfaces and profiles
  • Dimensional stability over wide openings and long distances to mate with other parts
  • Structural stability over wide surface areas
  • Reduction of electrostatic charge

Universal Plastics’ Solution:

Universal Plastics provided an exceptionally functional and attractive part employing:

  • Molded-in ribs and bosses add structural support and dimensional repeatability
  • Gas channels direct and pack out resin to extreme corners of mold
  • Gas channels eliminate sink at ribs and bosses while decreasing warp over wide surfaces
  • Base coat and texture painting impart superior surface finish
  • Electrostatic shielding reduces electrostatic

Why Injection Molding?

Gas assist injection molding for large parts, Universal Plastics provided:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design and surface finish
  • Dimensional and structural stability
  • Cost reduction from elimination of multiple machining and assembly processes