The Customer’s Challenge:

Designing high profile plastic parts is always a challenge. Universal was consulted to offer methodology for producing attractive yet functional door hardware with final height of over 6 feet. Critical Requirements were:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Ventilation
  • Cost effectiveness

Universal Plastics’ Solution:

Our innovative gas assist injection molding process was perfectly suited to accomplish this unique design and its many parts. And because we offer component part assembly, painting, finishing and decoration, Universal was the perfect solutions provider for this project.

  • Sectioning of door into 4 parts: frame, panel, vent, nameplate
  • Gas channels in door and frame increase stiffness and lower weight
  • Large bosses and attachment features possible without effecting front surface aesthetics
  • Gas assist process minimizes warp and enhances visual appeal
  • Pad printed nameplate to enhance brand recognition
  • Metal screen insertion to aid ventilation
  • Electrostatic shielding reduces electrostatic charge

Why Injection Molding?

As a leader in gas assist injection molding for large parts Universal Plastics provided:

  • Superior surface finish
  • High stiffness and structural stability with lower weight
  • Reduction of warp
  • Elimination of painting
  • Cost reduction through use of smaller press size than other injection processes