The Customer’s Challenge:

Smooth, seamless, clean lines were the challenge on this medical housing, as well as integration of the many component parts, assembly, fit and cost control. Critical requirement were:

  • Complex part design
  • Aesthetically pleasing profile
  • Seamless appearance for customer-facing assembled components
  • Control of tooling costs
  • Strong but cosmetically pleasing handles for movement of the heavy unit

Universal Plastics’ Solution:

Universal Plastics acted as project manager and reduced the number of molds required, therefore minimizing capital costs. Gas assist injection molding allowed for designed variations in thickness to create strength and stability in this large unit.

  • Thick, strong handles without warp or shrinkage
  • Family tooling to reduce total number of molds
  • Aluminum mold construction to reduce cost
  • Thicker bosses for more robust attachment to unit
  • Creative gating of molds to maximize dimensional
    stability, shorten assembly time, and minimize part cost
  • Elimination of tooling lifters and cores by gas coring –
    reduction of mold cost

Why Injection Molding?

As a leader in gas assist injection molding for large parts. Universal Plastics provides:

  • Design freedom; Excellent appearance and profile of end product
  • Dimensional stability and tight tolerance parts
  • Stronger ribs and bosses molded in for structural integrity and stiffness
  • Decreased tooling costs
  • Less wear and tear on molds through lower molding pressure; Use of Al tooling