Introduction to Project:

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to on-board a customer looking for a new supplier. Our customer was looking for custom blow molding expertise for their carboys. Carboys are rigid containers used to transport fluids. The current supplier’s business model was no longer a fit for the project. The customer wanted to find a local, known blow molding business and came to us. With our reputable service and convenient location, they were happy to have found us.

We kicked off the project with several detailed meetings to thoroughly review the material and timeframe. Time was extremely important as the customer was already on back order. Once we were in production, Universal Plastics was successful at meeting their deadlines, and still have a great on-time delivery rate.

Universal Plastics Blow Molding Expertise:

When producing the new bottles with spigots, we encountered an issue with “over-flow” in the opening of the spigot. With recalibrating the flow rate we were able to eliminate the issue at hand. This end product is assembled with caps alone or with caps and spigots. Our team of engineers worked efficiently to resolve these and other issues to meet the demanding deadline of the project.

End Use Applications:

These versatile units aim to take full advantage of storage and/or transportation efficiency at minimal effort. The shape, size of the handle, grip and neck, and imprints fulfill to provide an excellent user experience and overall functionality for many applications.