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Universal Plastics offers custom extrusion blow molding for medical, waste management, automotive, safety equipment, lawn and garden, recreational equipment and large capacity potable water bottles. In addition to our manufacturing expertise, we offer a full range of services, from concept stage to fully assembled products, are proficient in global supply chain management, and have one common objective—cost-effective and timely delivery to customers with no compromise on safety and quality. Our secondary services for blow molding include:

  • Pad Printing – applying ink/color to end product using a consistent method
  • Drilling – applying holes where needed to end-product
  • Inserting/Inserts – adhering a piece of the end-product that is not part of initial process
  • Riveting – adhering secondary parts using a rivet type fastener
  • Pack outs – bulk packing of all needed pieces to customer for future assembly
  • Capping – applying cap to product to seal or finish end-product
  • Labeling – adhering customer-specific end-use label to product
  • Assembly – putting together produced parts to create one end product
  • Trimming – a system of finishing the product, removal of all unwanted flash created in production
  • Mold Design – CAD drawings, inspection, evaluation, and adaption to customer design
  • Mold Building/Machining – Machining and milling stock material to meet customer design on mold/tool
  • Direct Ship – Shipping directly to end consumser instead of Universal customer
  • Bulk Pack – Using gaylord-type packaging (piece count) instead of individual packaged products
  • Expediting – help customer tracking/expedite packages/products

Our technical staff has extensive experience partnering with our customers to design and customize components that satisfy the most challenging requirements. We develop customized, sophisticated post molding fixtures that allow us to perform several value added operations which can include complete assembly and packaging of systems.

For more information on our secondary services or to discuss your needs, please contact us.

Secondary & Finishing Capabilities at Universal Plastics:

Universal Plastics is a custom plastic products manufacturer with expertise in a range of processes, including custom blow molding, thermoforming, and injection molding (gas assist and structural foam) for the medical, aerospace, transportation and general industrial markets. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer unbiased, process-agnostic advice and multiple production processes for high mix / low volumes, low mix / high volumes and the breadth in between. All the manufacturing sites within the Universal Plastics family share a long history of providing their customers with high quality, large, complex molded parts and are known for outstanding customer service and engineering support. Each has dedicated staff, operating facilities and processes.

Universal Plastics can meet your end-to-end plastics manufacturing needs – we offer in-house tooling, design & engineering services and a full complement of secondary/finishing services including complex assemblies, high gloss painting (Class A automotive finish), RFI/EMI shielding, drape forming, warehousing, etc. Universal Plastics is ISO9001: 2015 registered. Universal Plastics prides itself on working collaboratively with our customers to improve our business processes, skills and technology to continue to deliver innovative custom plastic product solutions that work at globally competitive pricing. We work with a long-standing and diverse set of customers, from fortune 500 companies, to smaller OEMs to start-ups, in a wide range of industries. Our customers have placed their trust in us to deliver the right product at the right price, the first time. For more information and to discuss how Universal Plastics can put our expertise to work for you, please contact us today.