Universal Plastics provides a variety of secondary services to our customers so that we can meet all of your end-to-end needs. Our secondary service capabilities include the following:

Complex Assembly

Secondary Services | Universal PlasticsUniversal Plastics’ highly experienced manufacturing team can execute complex product assembly with ease to meet all of your specifications. Higher level assembly of plastic and metal parts, molded and thermoformed components, and parts from various suppliers, can all be handled seamlessly. The example shows water testing equipment manufactured and assembled by Universal Plastics.


Secondary Services | Universal PlasticsUniversal Plastics provides in-house finish painting and RF/EMI shielding. We also do QC inspections with CMM Color conformance with a Datacolor 600. Our painting service can match colors exactly to your specifications and will provide your products with the highest quality finish. Shown is an image of a DNA Sequencer manufactured and wet painted by Universal Plastics.


Drape Forming

Secondary Services | Universal PlasticsUniversal Plastics’ drape forming capabilities enables us to design and form optically clear enclosures of a wide range of shapes and sizes, based on your specific needs. The image here is a test chamber manufactured and drape formed by Universal Plastics.


For more information on our secondary services or to discuss your needs, please contact us.