Plastic Vacuum Forming alpine sled Plastic Vacuum FormingVacuum forming is a simple process, where a hot sheet is stretched over a male mold, and vacuum is applied between the sheet and the mold, pulling the sheet tight to the mold. Once it cools, the sheet takes on the shape of the tool. With our 3-dimensional trimming equipment, we can then trim out the finished part with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

Vacuum forming can provide a better alternative to other methods such as complex fabricated sheet metal, fiberglass, or injection molding techniques.  There are an infinite number of applications of this process.  Examples include medical equipment, engine covers for the transportation and aerospace industries, and rail-car interior trim and seat components.

Vacuum forming is well suited to large parts with moderate volumes.  It offers lower cost tooling and quicker prototyping than other alternatives.  Contact us to find out how vacuum forming can be used for your application.