Custom Thermoforming | Universal PlasticsSince our company was founded in 1965, Universal Plastics has been a leading force in the custom thermoforming industry. We specialize in precision custom thermoforming, a plastic manufacturing process that converts a sheet of plastic into a highly detailed finished product, with less tooling investment than other plastic molding processes. Since our inception, we have refined and advanced the custom thermoforming, pressure forming, and fabrication process to match our customers needs and launch thousands of new products. Our award winning design, modern manufacturing facilities, warehousing and shipping services can bring your product to life in 8 weeks or less, and improve your bottom line with less initial investment and a superior commitment to your needs.

Custom Thermoforming Advantages:

Custom thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process which allows you to create larger plastic parts with a much lower tooling cost than other plastic processes. With thermoforming, you can add style and functionality that just can’t be achieved with sheet metal, without the high tooling costs of other molding processes. And thermoformed products can be formed from the same plastics, so there is no need to compromise on physical properties. Thermoformed sheet can be made with high impact and flame retardant properties, and in an infinite range of colors. It is the ideal process for large complex shaped parts. Low volume thermoforming is often an excellent alternative to injection molding which has much higher initial  tooling costs and much higher minimum quantities.

Custom Thermoforming Applications:

Custom thermoforming is widely used in virtually every industry. Common applications include machine housings, bezels, and enclosures, which gain style and user appeal with thermoformed plastics. Custom material handling trays can be designed specifically to your requirements with a much lower tooling investment. Outdoor enclosures and equipment covers can exhibit a contemporary style that defines your brand and sets you apart from traditional boxy sheet metal covers. With weatherable properties added in, you can feel confident in the durability of thermoformed products, which won’t fade, rust, or crack under stress. Even scientific equipment can be made more stylish and distinctive with thermoformed plastics, giving you a critical edge over your competitors.

Custom Thermoforming Capabilities at Universal Plastics:

Universal Plastics’ capabilities include heavy gauge forming from sixty thousands thick to an inch and a half thick, and to a draw depth of up to 30 inches. Our equipment allows for all types of vacuum forming and pressure forming, including twin-sheet forming, for part sizes 5′ X 15′, or 7′ X 9′. For volume production needs, we offer both 3-station and a new four station, twin sheet capable rotary pressure former, which can form parts up to 7′ long. To discuss how Universal Plastics can meet your thermoforming needs, please contact us.