Vacuum/Pressure Formed Medical Device Housings – Universal PlasticsVacuum forming and pressure forming are widely used for medical device housings as both processes can create distinctive, contemporary looking products. Designers know that most users strongly prefer the warm feeling and contoured shapes that plastics bring to the product design, and thermoforming can accomplish that with less tooling investment, a key benefit when the device is larger, and has a limited market. Pressure forming in particular can create bezels and housings which are indistinguishable from injection molded parts, with tight radii and even molded-in texture or logos. Thermoformed plastics can also be mated with sheet metal enclosures, optimizing the properties of both. We can texture paint to match powdery coat finishes exactly. Our plastics meet UL 94 V-0 and FDA requirements.

Please contact us so that we may partner with you to create a custom medical device housing product to meet your specific needs.